Teachers from School of Foreign Language Education bring glory to Jilin University



The 7th “SFLEP (Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press) Cup” (National Foreign Language Teaching Contest), Jilin Division was successfully held in Northeast Normal University on June 5th, 2016.This competition was hosted by the National Foreign Language Teaching Advisory Board, National Advisory Committee on Teaching Foreign Languages to Majors in Higher Education,Advisory Committee of Foreign Language Teaching in Vocational Education, and Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press, as well as co-organized by Department of Higher Education of Jilin Province and Foreign Language Teaching and Research Association of Jilin Province.

Eighty four English teachers from 45 universities or colleges in Jilin Province gathered to compete in this contest. Teachers from SOFLE, Jilin University, performed extraordinarily. In the College English Integrated Class Competition Session, LIN Juan and LIU Shuling won the Grand Prize, FENG Yan, the first, WANG Jiayin, the second. In Listening and Speaking Session, WU Sijing was awarded the Grand Prize, CHEN Lin, the first, ZHANG Jingxin, the third.

Teachers from SOFLE impressed all the experts on spot for their fine artistic accomplishment and English proficiency. Prof. ZHAN Ju, Dean of SOFLE,was invited to be in the the judge panel and made comments on the performance of each contestant.

The two winners of Grand Prize, LIN Juan and WUSijing, are the finalists from Jilin Division and will compete in the national finals held in Shanghai between Nov. 4th and 7th.

        Both Prof. ZHANJu, the Dean of SOFLE, and Prof. WANGShouhong, Associate Dean of SOFLE paid great attention to the annual National Foreign Language Teaching Contest. SOFLE Teaching Committee provided professional guidance and support to the teachers from SOFLE. This contest fully demonstrated professional teaching ability and all-round quality of SOFLE faculty and abundant achievements in its faculty development.