In May, 2001, the new Jilin University merged the former five universities’ language teaching sections into the ‘Foreign Language Teaching and Research Center’, which has later been changed to ‘the School   of Foreign Language Education’ in June, 2006.

The School intends to fulfill JLU’s overall mission of building a first-class research-oriented university by enhancing the comprehensive foreign language proficiency of all undergraduates and postgraduates in JLU. With the basis of high-caliber faculty, the priority to discipline construction, the School constantly improves its teaching and research. The School makes full use of the teaching resources of JLU to meet the needs of all teachers and students. The School also aims at actively promoting its internationalization and assisting the internationalization process of JLU.

SOFLE has 351 faculty and staff members, among whom 329 are teachers. It is one of the colleges with large numbers of teachers, among whom 41 are professors, and 103 are associate professors. SOFLE undertakes the mission of public education and research for all the undergraduate and postgraduate students and students in adult education programs in JLU. SOFLE consists of 15 teaching divisions, among which 10 of them are undergraduate teaching divisions, 2 are graduate teaching divisions, 1 Japanese division, 1 Russian division, and 1 German and French division. Moreover, there are Administrative Office of Party Committee, Teaching and Research Office, Administrative Office, Book and Reference Room, Language Lab, etc,

Teachers in SOFLE actively participate in and undertake teaching, research and academic exchange activities. In recent decades, 326 papers have been published in core journals and entered CSSCI journal access catalog. 419 research projects of all kinds have been hosted. High-quality academic books, course books, teacher’s books and reference books have been written and compiled. Now SOFLE has undertaken 2 ‘College English Reform Model Program of Ministry of Education (Third Batch)’ and National Social Science Fund, 6 Humanity and Science research projects of Ministry of Education, and Jilin Province Social Science major research base ‘Tertiary Foreign Language Education Research Center’ and so on.

SOFLE has two master’s programs, foreign linguistics and applied linguistic and MTI (masters of translation and interpretation). All together there are 291 postgraduates, 63 postgraduate supervisors, 2 PhD supervisors .

Three SOFLE faculty members have been selected to the National Foreign Language Teaching Advisory Board under the Ministry of Education,  and one as President of Foreign Language Teaching and Research Association of Jilin Province. Four teachers were honored as “Baogang Education Fund Outstanding Teachers”, one was “Jilin Province Excellent Teacher”, six were Jilin University Model Teachers, and one Changbaishan Scholar professor.

SOFLE has enjoyed the honor, as ‘peaches and plums do not have to talk, yet the world beats a path to them’ which indicates that it uses its sincerity to draw people’s attention. We will inherit traditional culture and seek the truth. We will pursue innovative concept in macroscopic foreign language education, and seek certain knowledge, capacity and efficiency in foreign language teaching practices, and make every endeavor to achieve the motto of ‘Loud Voice with Few Words, Teaching Others While Enlightening Myself’.

Welcome all the friends who are dedicated to foreign language education to join SOFLE, and we will together contribute to constructing a high-level research university.