Professor from Shanghai Jiao Tong University visits and lectures



    At the invitation of the School of Foreign Language Education, Peng Qinglong, professor and doctoral supervisor from Shanghai Jiao Tong University gave a lecture entitled "High-quality Development, New Liberal Arts and Foreign Language Discipline Construction" in the lecture hall on the sixth floor of the Foreign Language Building on December 8th, 2020. The lecture was hosted by Professor Pan Haiying, Dean of the School of Foreign Language Education.

    Professor Peng first gave a macro explanation on "what is the new liberal arts", "why build the new liberal arts", "transformation path of foreign language teachers" and "interdisciplinary development prospects". Regarding how to effectively solve those similar problems that too many universities are facing today, Professor Peng pointed out that bringing a new positioning of university functions with a high-quality development model is an important guiding ideology for re-constructing discipline development paths.

    This lecture has had an important and positive impact on how teachers can be better-prepared in foreign languages teaching, actively participate in the reform of foreign language teaching in universities and improve their professional development.