The School of Foreign Language Education (also, the School) has a unique history and heritage. In May 2001, the new Jilin University (also, the University) merged the respective foreign language teaching units of the former five universities to establish the “Foreign Language Teaching and Research Centre”. In June 2006, the Centre was renamed and thus “The School of Foreign Language Education” has come into being. Over the years, the School strives to achieve the University’s vision and mission of building a first-class research-oriented university by improving the overall foreign language competence of undergraduate and postgraduate students. With high-calibre faculty as the cornerstone and discipline construction as the priority, the School makes constant efforts to improve its teaching and research. It makes full use of the teaching resources of the University to meet the needs of all teachers and students. It also endeavours to go internationalization and assists internationalization of the University.

The School is home to 323 staff members, among whom 302 are teaching staff (50 professors and 99 associate professors) who undertake teaching and research work for undergraduate, postgraduate, associate degree, and adult foreign language learners. The School comprises 16 teaching divisions, among which ten are undergraduate English teaching divisions, two graduate teaching divisions, one Japanese division, one Russian division, one German and French division, and one division of educational technology. There is an Administrative Office of Party Committee, Administrative Office of General Purposes, Office of Teaching, Office of Graduate Student Affairs, Office of Research and Foreign Affairs, and Book and Reference Room.

The School is authorized to confer doctoral and master’s degree in the First Level Discipline of Foreign Language and Literature. Of the academic faculty, 52 are master’s supervisors, six doctoral supervisors, one Kuang Ya Ming Distinguished Professor, one High-Level International Expert, and three international teachers. Besides, three faculty members are selected to the National Foreign Language Teaching Advisory Board under the Ministry of Education, one to the Advisory Board of Examination Centre of the Ministry of Education, one as President and three as Deputy President of Foreign Language Teaching and Research Association of Jilin Province, six selected as Expert Consultants for the National Office of Education Science Planning, and one into the 6th Top-notch Innovative Talent Project of Jilin Province.

Currently, The School of Foreign Language Education is working in concert with the University in a transition from stabilizing achievements to advancing growth. By mobilizing forces, overcoming challenges, and utilizing existing groundwork, the School adopts stepwise approaches to ensuring orderly teaching at all campuses, levels, and languages, to enhancing the quality of foreign language education, and to enriching on-campus opportunities of foreign language use. With proud past and promising future, the School will continue its endeavours and contributions to the Double First-Class Plan initiatives of Jilin University.