2016 Jilin University English Summer Camp Successfully Held


2016 Jilin University (JLU) English Summer Camp was successfully held from May 22nd to June 5th. The aim of the Summer Camp is to enrich extracurricular activities, to immerse students into the English culture, to enhance students' English competence, and cultivate their innovative thinking and independent learning, and to arouse the enthusiasm in learning English.

On the morning of May 22nd, the opening ceremony was held in the Yifu Music Hall. Present were Prof. CHEN Gang, JLU Executive Vice President, Dr. HE Qiang, Party Secretary of School of Foreign Language Education (SOFLE), Mr. WANG Rui, Deputy Director of Teaching Affair Office, several associate deans of SOFLE, and Chinese and international teachers. Prof. CHEN Gang delivered a welcome address to all the participants on behalf of Jilin University in which he spoke highly of the efforts and attempts SOFLEhas made to cultivate innovative talents with an international vision and to bring innovation to college English teaching. Mr. WANG Rui and Prof. WANG Shouhong delivered speeches respectively in the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Prof. PAN Haiying, Associate Dean of SOFLE.

Jilin University Summer Camp has been held for 5 years successively. In 2016 Summer Camp, students participated in the various activities, from oral English training and microfilms workshop to making microfilms and field trips under the guidance of Chinese and international teachers from SOFLE. Their active participation, novel innovation, and teamwork left profound impression on their coach teachers. The students' English microfilms fully showed their unique ingenuity in innovation and creation and the use of the English language.

        In the Closing Ceremony of 2016 Jilin University English Summer Camp, six English microfilms won awards. Mr. Wang Rui spoke highly of well-produced English microfilms and students' excellent performances. Prof. Wang Shouhong closed the Summer Camp with a summary of the activities and extended his appreciation to teachers volunterred in coaching the students.