“Overseas Academic Workshop for SFLE Elite Graduates” Made a Great Success


In order to make Chinese culture and Chinese stories known to the world, improve graduates'international communication ability and broaden their global horizon, the School of Foreign Language Education(SFLE) selected nine outstanding graduates, led by Associate Professor Zhang Limei,to pay a short visit to the University of Auckland from October 25 to November 3, 2018.With the support of  Office of Global Engagement and the efforts of our school, thiseducational exchange projectmade a great success.

On October 26th, the School of Education and Social Work of the University of Auckland held a special Maori Welcome Ceremony, in which the teacher and students fully experienced the local culture. Maxine Ma, manager of the International Office of the School of Education and Social Work, gave a warm welcome. Professor John Hope of the College of Education and Social Work lectured on New Zealand's education system, which benefits the students a lot.

On October 29th, Auckland University's Confucius Institute was visited. Professor Yao Zaiyu, Dean of Confucius Institute, introduced the growth and future plan of Confucius Institute. Mrs Yao stated that Chinese culture has been constantly influencing the world with its unique fascination. More and more international  people are accepting and appreciating Chinese culture. The visiting of Confucius Institute makesthe studentsappreciate the work done by the National Office of Hanban and gives them the courage and confidence to tell their "Chinese Story" and disseminate Chinese culture.

In several following days, students were invited to visit different primary and secondary schools. They were involved in classroom activities and told the "Chinese story". School-visiting enabled students to witness educational differences and learn from the differences. At the end of the project, each of them made a presentation to show what they reflected upon and what could be brought back to China to make more people benefit. Their presentations received high praise from Professor John Hope.

This overseas academic workshop has enhanced the friendship between Jilin university & Auckland University, and strengthened cooperation between the two universities. Similarly, this project helps to improve the internationalization level of our university and our school. As for the school of Foreign Language Education, it is the first time to hold this kind of project, which is significant to broaden the international horizon of graduate students and improve their international competitiveness as well.