Youth of Dream, Education to Employ at Jilin University --- 2021 Graduate Employment Promotion Week: School of Foreign Language Education Held Employment Sharing Forum Show the Charm of Languages, Open the Door to Employment


In order to promote the full employment of our graduate students and accurately grasp the graduation destination and employment intention of our graduates, at 14:00 on May 20, 2021, in Room D403 of Economic and Communications Teaching Building, School of Foreign Language Education called together students who are currently waiting for employment, who are seeking further education, and who are going abroad, and held an employment sharing forum entitled Show the Charm of Languages, Open the door to Employment.

The first was the student representatives introducing and sharing their experiences. Ling Wang and Hongmei Zhuang introduced respectively their own experience on the examination of teachers and civil servants. The Student Counselor Yuan Zeng gave students a detailed analysis of the current employment situation and other specific data, so that students had a deeper understanding of the employment policy. At the end of the sharing session, Ms. Zeng confirmed one by one with the unemployed students their graduation intentions.

This sharing forum enhanced students’ confidence in employment, answered the questions that students urgently need to know in the process of job seeking, and clarified the direction of efforts before graduation. Meanwhile, the school attained a newer and more comprehensive understanding of the students’ graduation intentions, to provide better service and assistance for students’ graduation and employment.