Our Students Have Won a Great Achievement in the Final of the 2021 National College English Competition in Jilin Province


On the morning of May 16, the final of the 2021 National College English Competition in Jilin Province was held as scheduled in Changchun University of Technology. More than 180 contestants from 30 universities in the province participated in the competition. After fiercely competing, Yueting Kang and other 19 students from our university, together with their instructors, respectively awarded Grand Prizes of Class A (graduate group), Class B (undergraduate and junior college students group of English major) and Class C (undergraduate group of non-English major).

This achievement fully demonstrates our students’ English strength and good English learning style. The competition provides a platform for college students to show their English skills and style. It stimulates their interest in learning English and improves their comprehensive ability of using English, laying a solid foundation for nurturing high-quality talents who not only master both their mother tongue and English, but also grasp the key abilities of the 21st century. The competition also strengthens and promotes the reform of foreign language teaching. It plays a positive role for higher education institutions to explore ways to adapt to the current teaching forms and effectively improve students’ foreign language learning ability, as well as the overall improvement of college foreign language teaching level.