Welcoming 2021 New Postgraduates in School of Foreign Language Education Smoothly Accomplished


School of Foreign Language Education (SOFLE) welcomed 2021 new postgraduates on the central campusfrom Sep. 22nd to 23rd,2021. The registration was highly valued, conducted by encouraging senior students to help the new students adapt to the new learning and living environment and integrate into the JLU family at a faster pace.

During registration period, He Qiang, Party Secretary of SOFLE, Pan Haiying, Dean of SOFLE, Xu Jie, Deputy Party Secretary of SOFLE and Shen Bin, Associate Dean of SOFLE, visited the new students both at the registration site and in the dormitories.

At the registration site, working staff guided the students for registration and distributed the epidemic prevention kits, making students who came from all sides deeply touched.

Accompanied by the Student Counselor Zeng Yuan, leaders in SOFLE visited No. 3 Apartment in Beiyuan to show hearty welcome to the new postgraduates, and meanwhile they expressed deep concern for those who could not register on time due totheepidemic prevention control.

Under the epidemic prevention, this dormitory visit has embodied the leaders’ sincere concern for the new students’ study and life. To know students’ situations in the dorm, the visit promoted amity between teachers and students and stimulated the students to cultivate good living habits and strive to be vigorous.

After registration, our school will hold a series of entrance education activities, such as the teacher-student meeting, school loyalty education, ideological and political education, psychological security education, scientific ethics and academic atmosphere construction education, fire safety education and the first lecture for new students, in order to help them have a profound understanding of school culture and blend in with it.

School of Foreign Language Education heartily welcomes new students of Grade 2021!