Scholars from Hanyang University Visit Our School


On October 25, 2017, Prof. Peter David Mathews, Prof. Ilhwan Yoon, and Prof. Seongho Yoon from Hanyang Unversity, Republic of Korea, visited our School. Prof. Pan Haiying, the Dean of the School and Prof. Du Zhongquan, Deputy Dean, held a meeting with the group. The three professors then met with Prof. Piao Yu and other teachers from the Literature Team of our school for an academic exchange.

Prof. Pan Haiying and Prof. Du Zhongquan gave a warm welcome to the professors of Hanyan University. The three professors gave excellent academic reports concerning their current research to the faculty of our School. The titles of Prof. Peter David Mathews, Prof. Ilhwan Yoon, and Prof. Seongho Yoon’ reports are “Literature, Ethics, and the British Novel”, ”Freud and Femininity”, and “What We Know That We Don’t Know When Jumping on the Wagon Called Transnationalism: the Transnational Turn in Literary Studies”, respectively. After the reports, faculty members from our School asked questions related with three professors’ reports, as well as hot issues in literature, such as poetry study, ethical criticism and transnationalism in literature. They had an in-depth and productive discussion with three professors.

Hanyang University is the most famous private university in the Republic of Korea. This academic visit is a part of the Hanyang University Week at Jilin University. It is also a good beginning of the communication and cooperation between Department of English Language and Literature, Hanyang University and School of Foreign Language Education. Both sides are looking forward to further communication and cooperation.