Graduation and Degree-conferral Ceremony Held for 2020 SOFLE Graduates


In the afternoon of June 23rd2020,thegraduation and degree-conferral ceremony forthis year’s SOFLE graduateswas held at the May Flower Square of Qianwei Campus. Feng Zhengyu, Vice Chairman of Jilin University Council, He Qiang, secretary of SOFLE’s party committee,all school officials headed by Dean Pan Haiying, Zhan Ju, director of SOFLE’s Academic Committee, and Xu Kewang, representative of school master’s and doctoral supervisors, were present at the ceremony.

This year’s master’s graduates took the stage in master’s gowns after their names were announced by Prof. Jiang Feng, Vice Dean of SOFLE. Prof. Pan Haiying, director of SOFLE’s Academic Degrees Committee and Prof. Zhan Ju, director of SOFLE’s Academic Committee conferred degrees and moved tassels for these graduates.

After the conferral, Wang Shouhong, vice dean of SOFLE, announced the names of Outstanding Graduates of 2020. He Qiang,secretary of SOFLE’s party committeeand Du Zhongquan, vice dean of SOFLE, awarded certificates to student delegates.

Feng Mengnan, the graduate student speaker, first expressed her appreciation of Jilin University’s efforts in preparation for such a special graduation ceremony, then remarked in retrospect her three years’graduate study on campus, and lastly extended her gratitude to the faculty of SOFLE and her expectation for the future.

Prof. Xu Kewang, the faculty speaker, recognized students’growth during their graduate study and encouraged students to be ambitious and passionate about their dreams.

Prof. Pan Haiying, dean of SOFLE, delivered an address entitled“Hold Onto Your Dreams and Be Your Best Self”. In her address, Prof. Pan looked back on the great encouraging changes that took place in the country, across the school and within students in the past three years. Prof. Pan also encouraged students to adhere to their dreams and to compose an absorbing personal symphony in the years ahead.

Feng Zhengyu,Vice Chairman of Jilin University Council, also addressed the occasion. Besides congratulating students on their graduation, Chairman Feng emphasized that the important virtues to be possessed are“heroism, scholarship and magnanimity”. The speech, both inspiring and thought-provoking, drew enthusiastic applause from the audience.

The ceremony culminated in a chorus of Jilin University anthem followed by a group photography session. Graduates of SOFLE in 2020, academically accomplished, will embark on a new journey of growth, discovery and learning.